Ceramic Car Coating Longwood – Ford F450

Ceramic Car Coating using Ceramic Pro on a beast of a truck! This F450 is huge!!! We just finished another Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coating on this bad boy. This truck is a 2017 model and although fairly new, we spent 7 hours in paint correction alone and the Ceramic Pro application took 9 hours for a total of 16 hours of effort. As you can tell by the picture, this vehicle looks AMAZING!

The smoothness of the paint, the depth of the color and reflection really make this truck stand out. THIS is how you can make even a factory paint job look like it was custom. THIS is what you get when a Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coating is done right. The prep work and paint correction laid the foundation so when Ceramic Pro is properly applied in a climate controlled shop, you get outstanding results.

As you know, black paint is the most difficult to work with and shows the slightest imperfections but there are none here. This is a truck to be proud of. The best part is that with Ceramic Pro it will stay this way with minimal effort and is virtually self-cleaning. No more polishing needed for this truck.

Want you vehicle to look like this? Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation. We have several packages to fit any budget. We also have some killer financing if you want to keep your cash for …maybe that sound system upgrade?

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Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings Shop


Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings.

Dragon Detailing is now a Certified Ceramic Pro Installer! It took some time to get a sweet, air-conditioned shop in Longwood, FL and become certified by Ceramic Pro. The Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coating process is a mult-step process with specific wait times between application layers. During this time, before each layer cures, it is vulnerable to environmental contamination, humidity, and other factors that can negatively affect the outcome of the finished product. This is true with all Ceramic Car Coatings. We wanted to to ensure our shop environment is as clean and climate controlled as possible to provide the ultimate results for our customers. Never polish your car again!

Ceramic Pro is the industry leader in Ceramic Car Coatings and its value is so well recognized that CarFax includes this information on their reports! Cars with Ceramic Coatings tend to hold their value better as all of the coated surfaces are virtually impervious to the elements and retain a like new appearance. With proper preparation they can actually look much better than when brand new! We all know that the Florida heat, sun, and rain can really take a toll on your car’s finish so why not protect it with the best Ceramic Car Coating product available – Ceramic Pro.

As much as we would like to publish a price list for the Ceramic Pro applications, it is almost impossible to do so without actually seeing and touching the vehicle. As with a lot of projects requiring fine workmanship, the preparation is critical. For example if you are painting a cabinet and do not sand and prepare the surface properly, the paint will not look good at all. the same is true for Ceramic Car Coatings. The better prepared the vehicle’s surfaces are, the better the finished product. Ever wonder in amazement at how fantastic some Ceramic Coated cars look? The smoothness, the depth of the finish, the reflectivity…when done right a vehicle with Ceramic Car Coating looks almost magical. Not only does it look the part, but it protects so well that the normal maintenance on your car is so quick and easy since almost nothing sticks to it.

Don’t be fooled by these new-fangled miracle products in a bottle. Sure they may look good for a short period of time but they are not even in the same league as a Ceramic Car Coating. There is no way a single stage product can compete with a multi-stage product. Contact us for a free consultation to see what Ceramic Pro can do for your car. We offer several packages that can fit any budget. We also have some pretty cool and easy financing available for those that are interested.

Although we are now offering Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coatings, we have not lost track of our humble beginnings and still offer our state-of-the-art mobile car detailing services. This allows us to offer our customers more ways to maintain the appearance and values of their vehicles. Only Ceramic Car Coatings and special tasks are done in our Longwood, FL shop and are by appointment only. Our mobile detailing services will still come to your for your convenience. Remember we do Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coatings in Longwood, Lake Mary, Sanford, and surrounding Central Florida areas.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. I look forward to making your car the best it can be.

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Florida Car Care

Although Florida does not present the dangers of damage resulting from the use of salt on the roads in the winter like more northern areas, Florida does have its own hazards to be mindful of.

If you live near an ocean, you know that everything outside corrodes faster. That applies to cars too! There are constant “salt fumes” in the air that float around and stick to things, including your car. Salt is caustic to some extent to virtually all materials. That’s why many durability test of things that live outside include saltwater testing!Even if you don’t live on the beach, if you visit the beach, and especially if you drive on the beaches that allow it, you are subjecting your car to these same nasty elements. Tip – Always wash your car, especially the wheel arches and the undersides after a trip to the beach. ASAP. If you live near the beach then you must wash your car more often. Once a week is not too much.

Florida has much more intense sun than areas further north. Sunlight contains UV rays (ultraviolet rays). These are the same ones that politely give you a suntan, or more aggressively give you sunburn. Those UV rays also degrade, fade, and otherwise destroy a lot of the stuff your car is made out of. Paint fades, and in extreme cases the clear coat protecting the paint is damaged to the point it no longer protects the underlying paint and can actually start flaking off. Rubber moldings and plastic trim pieces suffer a similar fate. On the interior, plastics, fabrics, and leather also take a beating. Tip – Regular washing followed by quality waxes or other paint protectants act as the first line of defense. However, they don’t last forever. Be sure your car receives this protection on at least a monthly basis. To protect the interior, consider getting your windows tinted from a quality company. Don’t forget to apply protectants to the headlights too. Most are made of plastic and they could use some help to last longer.

Florida weather is frequently rainy. Not being able to see out of your windshield and other glass is dangerous. Tip – Use a quality windshield treatment product to help bead the water off, even if your wipers are worn out. Of course that leads to the importance of replacing your wiper blades at least once a year. Remember the sun? It degrades the wiper blades too!

No, they don’t really hurt your car unless you hit one. Tip – Be alert for them. They like to lie on their back on the roads waiting for a chance to grab your car when you pass by!

At Dragon Detailing, our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our car detailing Orlando Florida services. Inquire about detailing for your other recreational vehicles and watercraft as well.

Car Wheel Care

A car with new wheels, or a new car (with new wheels of course), looks great! Unfortunately, your wheels are often the dirtiest part of your car because they are constantly exposed to the elements (corrosive brake dust, ocean or road salt, stones, cinders and sticky tar).

Damage to wheels caused by prolonged exposure to these elements can ruin the appearance of the entire vehicle so it is important to clean them properly and often.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain a wheel’s original splendor.

Treat the finish of your wheels as you would the finish of your car. Most alloy wheels today feature a painted and/or a clearcoat finish. The best way to take care of wheels without damaging their protective finish is by frequently washing them with a mild soap and water solution. Using a tar and bug remover can prevent permanent tar staining. Periodic waxing will protect the wheel’s finish from the elements.

Never use abrasive cleansers, steel wool pads or polishing compounds.

Beware of automatic car washes. Some washes use acid cleaners either before or during the wash to remove dirt and grime. Others use stiff brushes for cleaning wheels and tires. Both of these processes could harm your wheel’s finish. Wheels with low profile tires can be damaged by the metal tracks used in most car washes. Ask the employees of the car wash about their equipment and procedures before entering the wash.

Never allow your wheels and tires to be steam cleaned. Steam can dull the paint and clearcoat finish on your wheels.

Don’t clean hot wheels — wait until they cool. Cleaning wheels while they are hot may cause your mild soap solution to dry too quickly leaving spots or a film of soap on your wheels.

Clean your tires and wheels first, one at a time. Tires and wheels tend to be the dirtiest parts of your vehicle and have a variety of surfaces to clean. So you will want to use the full strength of your hose to initially rinse away all loose dirt and to finally rinse off your soap solution. If you clean your tires and wheels first, you won’t expose your washed car to the over spray as you rinse them. Cleaning one at a time focuses your attention and ensures that the soap doesn’t dry on one wheel while you’re cleaning another. Be sure to use a different sponge on the rest of the car’s body to prevent scratching the paint from the particles that may have collected during the wheel cleaning process.

Clean wheels on a regular basis. Your new tires and alloy wheels are like any other valuable investment. Care for them as you would care for your entire vehicle.

At Dragon Detailing, we care a lot about how your car looks on the inside and outside. We take special care to check under the hood, cleaning the engine, and properly shine your wheels. Find out more about our car detailing Orlando services.

Thank You

It is easy to get wrapped up in the day to day hustle of work and forget to stop and thank those who make Dragon Detailing possible.

We want to give a big THANK YOU! to all of you who have trusted us with your detailing needs.

We have been constantly updating our website and expanding the services we offer. You can make and manage your own appointments online by clicking on this button we have added to every page. Of course we love to talk with you on the phone too. If you are more comfortable scheduling your detail with a real person, just give us a call.

You can also purchase detailing gift certificates online by clicking on the Gift Certificate button on any page. They really do make a great gift most people don’t even think about. You will be sent an email with a 6 digit code and a link to schedule your detail. You can send that email to the recipient for them to use at their convenience. During the online scheduling process (which is super easy with no trick questions), they simply chose the PrePay option and use their code for payment.

We also do boat detailing, motorcycle detailing, and RV detailing. Find out more about our mobile boat detailing Orlando services.

Lastly, please give us reviews on Google. In today’s age of technology this has become critical for a business to be truly successful and continue to grow.

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Thank you again for your business.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers

You can’t drive safely if you can’t see!

It seems like your wiper blades are always at their worst when you need them the most. But windshield wipers are like most other vehicle parts– they require regular attention in order to work their best.

You should replace your wiper blades twice a year; in the spring and the fall. If it’s going to be a particularly harsh winter in Florida, you may even want to get special winter blades in the fall. Winter blades are designed to resist freezing.

Speaking of winter and freezing conditions, if your car has been sitting for a long time and the windshield becomes frozen, don’t use your wipers to clear off snow and ice. That’ll just tear up the blades and cause them to wear out more quickly. It may even damage the wiper motor.

Over time, wiper blades become hard and brittle, and then tear. They also lose their flexibility and just don’t cover the windshield effectively.

Worn wiper blades aren’t just a safety hazard; they can also scratch your windshield. That may require replacing the entire windshield, a big cost for such a little part. Replace worn blades right away.

Of course you also need windshield washer fluid to help your blades do their work. Always use windshield washer fluid. Plain water, even that fancy bottled water, may freeze in the fluid reservoir or on the windshield itself, making things worse. Besides, water won’t do a good job of cleaning your windows.

Set yourself apart! Contact us and let us help you with all of your car detailing Orlando related needs.

Latest Car Detailings 4/2/18

Car Detailing Deland

For our first car today we detailed a Toyota Tundra in Deland. I really like these Toyota trucks. Nice weather to start with but seemed to be getting cloudier. Everything came out great as usual. The owner was very happy with the work.

Car Detailing Winter Springs

The second car detailing for today was in Winter Springs. A big, ole Ford Expedition, maxed out with leather and all the options. These bigger vehicles take quite a bit longer to detail all around, interior and exterior due to the size. Truck looks fantastic now. Weather starting to cloud up. Nothing like some rain to rain on your detailing parade.

This same owner had a Tesla we detailed too. Nice to save some driving time and hassle in traffic. We do offer multi-car discounts and you, like this owner can take advantage of them. All you have to do is ask.

Boat Detailing Debary

Well, the weather held out. No rain. Our last job for the day was detailing a boat. There were a lot of stains above and below the waterline that took quite some time to remove. Had to find just the right product to make it happen. The previous owner thought painting over the license letters on the rear areas of the boat was a good idea. Unfortunately, that could not be brought into tip top condition. Other than that area the owner was very pleased. All the interior including all railings and stainless steel looked like new. The exterior did too with that one exception. Boat detailing is tough. Even when cleaning the inside there is no shade and they have a lot of surface area. Working around the trailer frame is also quite a bit or work.

Latest Car Detailings 4/3/18

Car Detailing Longwood

We detailed a Ford F150 Platinum edition. Very nice truck. Although I really prefer Exotic cars (who doesn’t) these nicely done up trucks are growing on me.

Another pair of cars in Longwood. These belong to another one of our members getting a discounted rate for multiple cars. He has a BMW 650 Grand Coupe and a Dodge Ram 2500. You can definitely see the difference in cars that are detailed regularly. The really do just look better all the time. It also helps when it comes time to do that trade in.

Car Detailing Casselberry

This Dodge Durango belongs to another member. He does not have multiple cars but still gets a discount for keeping a regular schedule.

Car Detailing Heathrow

This car was a bit different. Not the fact it was an E-class Mercedes Benz, but because it had a matte finish. These require extra care and attention as those finishes are really soft. Lots of TLC needed here.

Find out more about Dragon Detailing, and our car detailing Orlando services.

Car Carpet & Interior Cleaning

Carpet & Interior

Standard interior detailing involves many more types of materials and more complicated areas than standard exterior detailing (aside from major paint correction, of course). In this installment we focus on carpet and fabrics. We offer excellent car detailing Orlando services.

Battling pet hair

Vacuuming and air purging the loose debris inside a car can be time consuming enough. If there is excessive pet hair, the job becomes particularly frustrating.

The job of pet hair removal can be greatly improved with some kind of device or tool to help grab the pet hairs and pull them out of the carpet fibers. To that end, several small tools are available, including gloves with a special rubberized “hand,” a brush with rubber bristles, or a rubbery pet hair sponge.

The typical technique is to “rake” the pet hair toward you with one of these devices in one hand and the hose end, preferably with a crevice tool for extra suction, in the other hand. As the pet hair is loosened by the raking motion, the vacuum sucks away the hair.

Regardless of the tool selected to help remove pet hair, the use of these tools will yield better and faster results than a vacuum alone.

Cleaning carpets

A great way to deep clean carpets and mats is by using a hot water extractor. We recommend first vacuuming the carpets to remove loose dirt. If you don’t have a specialty extractor unit for car detailing use, you can try one of the “home” models of spot carpet cleaners normally used in the house. The results won’t be as good as using a commercial machine but still, better than just vacuuming.

After vacuuming, prespray the carpets with a non-foaming carpet cleaner that is designed for use with a hot water extractor. Then scrub the carpeting by hand or with a brush-equipped polisher. This scrubbing step will go far to improving the effectiveness of the extractor.

The heated water of a high-quality extractor should be enough to rinse the soil and cleaning chemical from the carpet. We don’t recommend adding any cleaner to the solution tank of the extractor. If you rinse with chemical-laden hot water, the carpet is infused with that chemical. The remaining chemical in the carpeting tends to attract dirt, making the carpets resoil much faster.

Carpets cleaned with extractors will require additional drying before returning to the customer. High-volume air movers can be used inside the car. Also, after moving the vehicle outside, the vehicle’s climate control system may be used to dry the carpet, utilizing both the heat and air conditioning (to remove moisture).

Not all the dirt is in the open

Interior detailing is taking care of everything inside the car, including areas neglected by most drivers. So moving things around inside a car is necessary to get access to all those areas. This includes moving front seats to their extreme positions, adjusting them all the way up and all the way back. When the seats are moved, wipe off the seat tracks with a utility towel or a paper towel that can be discarded.

Seats should be moved to their extreme positions to expose everything that needs to be cleaned. Make sure to clean between the front seats, the center console, and under the seats.

Many back seats nowadays are also moveable. Check to see if the seatbacks have a release, allowing them to fold forward. The crease area behind the seatback could have a collection of debris. Also, if the rear seat bottoms pull up or forward, move them as well, and clean the exposed area.

The rear section of an SUV often has several compartments under the floor. Check, vacuum and wipe these areas as necessary.

Stubborn marks

The hard plastic and vinyl surfaces inside the car are generally easy to clean with an all-purpose cleaner, brushes and microfiber towels to wipe away loosened grime. However, some marks on these surfaces will not come off with even the most aggressive brush.

At this point, I recommend having isopropyl alcohol available. With careful use, it will effectively remove shoe scuffs and similar marks. A popular foam pad cleaner or melamine block is also great for surface marks that don’t come off with normal cleaning.

Interior detailing is a complex operation requiring multiple steps that involve several chemicals and numerous pieces of equipment. Specialized tools, equipment, chemicals and techniques can help to make the job easier.

Dragon Detailing, is a top rated company that offers exotic car detailing Orlando.

Latest Car Detailing 4/4/18

Car Detailing Apopka

Today was a busy but good day. We detailed a Range Rover HSE, a Range Rover Sport, a Porsche 911, and a Ski Nautique boat. Fortunately all of these were at the same place for the same gentleman. Discounted prices applied here as well for multiple vehicles.

Most households have at least 2 cars. It only takes a little planning ahead to coordinate having them washed and detailed at the same time, saving you money. If you only have one vehicle, the key to discounted pricing is to become one of our regular members. It costs nothing to join. All you have to do is commit to getting your car detailed on an every 2 week basis. As long as you stay on that schedule the discount applies. We do allow for an occasional circumstance to come up where you may have to swap a day here and there.

Many of our customers take advantage of this program and it is definitely worth it. Here are some of the benefits:
* Savings up to 35%
* Your car’s value will be maintained, providing you with the best trade-in value
* You get that new car feeling over and over. Who doesn’t love getting into a
clean car all the time?
* You get preferential treatment. In the event of a scheduling conflict you
always get your car detailed.

We can set you up on an automated recurring schedule for a certain day/time of the week at various intervals. You can also call us to set your date/time if you prefer.

In other news, I am proud to announce that Candace and I will be getting married tomorrow! Existing customers will have seen her as she is my fiance and work partner. She specializes on the interiors while I focus on the exteriors. Now we have 2 perfect unions!

Thanks again to all of you for your business! Dragon Detailing is a top rated car detailing Apopka company.

Brandon Symonds