Car Wash and Detail

car detailing orlando flYou might be thinking, what’s the difference between a car wash service and a car detail? There’s no a lot of difference, however the car detailing Orlando service that you get from Dragon Detailing’s team of detailers is certainly a premium service, versus a basic car wash.

A basic car wash is usually (hopefully) inexpensive and the car wash service typically only spends about 5-10 minutes with your car, if they spend any personal time washing your car at all. Most car wash service locations simply run your car through an automatic type washer and dry off the car (if they even do that). Some go inside and clean a bit, but nothing thorough and having them deep clean your car is really pointless as they just are not equipped for the kind of car detailing Orlando service that you would get from Dragon Detailing.

Drivers that are on the road more typically want their car to be thoroughly detailed and washed. They want the interior to exude cleanliness, and all dust, dust marks and debris removed from the interior and windows.

Thorough deep cleaning, or proper car detailing Orlando, can only take place when time is spent on the car whether that be a one-man mobile detailing service, or a team of washers working on the car. You will not get a deep, thorough clean from an automatic wash and dry service. With that being said, you will not get a beautiful finish after detailing a car yourself, or by someone that is not a professional, if you do not know the proper technique and products to use at the right time.

Dragon Detailing offers gift certificates and an array of different car detailing Orlando services. We work in all of the areas surrounding Orlando, and throughout central Florida including Longwood, Apopka, Deland, and others.

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