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car wash Orlando

STEER CLEAR of these bad car wash systems!

You probably have been through a stationary car wash Orlando, or some other place that looks exactly like the soft cloth rollers featured inside of this automatic car wash somewhere. These automatic car wash services are everywhere. From tiny little towns, to metropolises throughout the United States. These cleverly designed automatic car wash services began popping up after the 1960s and have caused a great deal heartburn throughout the decades.

You might be wondering, what exactly are the problems associated with using an automatic or self service car wash Orlando? Well, to begin, these sorts of stationary car wash Orlando places, typically are not the most water conserving places of business. Yes, there have been several advances in the engineering and construction of these places, and the equipment inside that they employ, however it is not a secret that traditionally, water quality is poor, and not conserved. In some horrible cases, these businesses have even contaminated watersheds.

A conveyor car wash Orlando system moves the car using a conveyor belt, and the exterior of the car is cleaned with either brushes, or strips of fabrics, or water rushed through a system of nozzles designed to handle high pressure water. Either option creates multiple areas where your car can be damaged.

You don’t have to be an insurance agent to understand that automatic car wash Orlando systems can damage your cars wheels, tires, exterior body, paint, glass, and mirrors. This is why most all auto car wash business currently operating have enormous signs with bolded lettering warning you of the various things on your car that it will not be held responsible for damaging.

Contaminated car wash water can be harmful to humans, animals and plants. People who use automatic car wash services are looking for a quick, cheap car wash and they’d prefer not to even get out of the car in most cases. Most do not realize, or even fathom, that the car wash service they are choosing, could be wrecking their environment where they live, work, and play.

When you consider all of the bad things that can go wrong with automatic car wash services, it’s no wonder that mobile car detailing Orlando services are becoming more and more popular. The first time an auto car wash damages a wheel and sets you back a few grand, you’ll become a new advocate for the old fashioned, mobile car detailing services.

Our state of the art system uses the cleanest, filtered water, free of mineral deposits. We take special care to ensure that the products that we are using do not contain chemicals that harm the environment.

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