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Book car detailing Orlando appointments with Dragon Detailing. We can keep your automobile looking fresh, clean and we make sure it smells and looks fantastic on the inside as well. We some amazing packages and oftentimes can offer specials. Gift certificates are available if you’d like to be a part of a program of regularly scheduled detailing appointments. These make great gifts for the people in your life that like for their car, motorcycle, boat, or RV looking extra gorgeous.

We are a mobile car detailing company. We come to you and handle all of the hard, tough jobs. The best part of our job is the smile on our clients faces when they see how amazing their favorite car looks. Call us to book car detailing Orlando appointments. Our pricing ranges from $75.00 to $225 (prices subject to change over time – please be aware and call). The price is dependent on the amount of detailing that you require and are dependent on an average condition.

Our specialty is exotic car detailing Orlando – polishing, paint correction, touch-less wash/rinse with deionized water filtration system water.

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A recent client left a wonderful review on our Facebook business page. She said:

Incredibly incredibly happy with the way my car came out... it looks brand spankin new! Thank you to Candace & Brandon for their hard work & incredible attention to detail. Will absolutely be using Dragon detailing again. Highly highly recommend their services.

Dragon Detailing Review from a Facebook User

In college I ran my own detailing business, so when it comes to attention to detail I'm incredibly picky about other people doing as good of a job as I would do. Dragon Detailing knocked it out of the park for me today when I walked up to my car. They did a phenomenal job! There's zero evidence of any wax residue, the interior is spotless, no furry animal hair left behind, and zero streaks on my windows, which is nearly impossible to do. Thank you so much!!!

RV Washing Service Near Me

There were 504,000 RV's shipped wholesale to the United States in 2017.

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That’s a HUGE amount of recreational vehicles on the road, or available for sale in the U.S. As such, our area of Florida sees an influx in RV’s during various seasons. Orlando is one of the top vacation destinations in the country. We see a tremendous amount of recreational vehicles pass through our highways and interstates. RV’s are enormous vehicles that take a lot of wear and tear on the road. These gigantic luxury vehicles should be treated each and every trip that you take. Oftentimes clients will bring their recreational vehicles to us and we do offer RV washing service pricing.

We offer mobile detailing Orlando services and can come to your location in Orange or Volusia county and give your camper an amazing service. We clean the outside, and the inside with the average package. If you are searching for RV washing service near me and looking for a huge car wash where you can personally wash your car, we are not that. We handle all the hard work.

We can offer a price based on the size and current state of the RV. RV’s are huge and they use larger amounts of detailing products. With the RV washing service near me package, we can detail painted, gelcoat, aluminum, stainless steel, and vinyl decorative surfaces. The most common RV detailing service Orlando that we offer is removing bugs and tar from the exterior of the vehicle and giving it a thorough cleaning wash. We also apply wax/protectant products and we have the experience and knowledge to treat them properly.

Many clients ask if we clean the roof as well, and the answer is YES! The roof of your RV is just as important. We can apply a protective coating on the RV as well. You can let us know the services that you need, and we’ll take it from there.


Deltona Florida Car Detailing

"We have a 1999 Mercedes Benz CLK-430 in excellent condition.  We would have it detailed twice a year when we were in Massachusetts. We have been here for a bit over 2 years and have not found a place we felt comfortable with, until we found Dragon Detailing.  Loved that they come to you, so professional. They did an amazing job!! Thank you so much Brandon and Candace." - Facebook User

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Dragon Detailing, Deltona Florida Car Detailing offers mobile services at your location. Our prices are affordable and the products that we use to make your car almost as perfect as the day that you drove it off of the lot are premium products designed to bring the best out of your car.

The Sunshine state is known for its ocean waves and gorgeous sunshine. The sun wreaks havoc on cars in Florida, even ones that are mostly garage kept. Your paint can fade and not be shiny any longer. The car’s interior also takes a beating when a car is left in the hot sun. Oftentimes plastic parts and leather will crack over time from the suns heat.

It is important to keep up with regular maintenance on your car. You should keep up with the appearance, paint and interior qualities as well so that it keeps its value and is pleasant to drive. No one likes taking a ride from a driver with a dirty interior.

Dragon Detailing specializes in exotic car detailing, but we can detail just about any vehicle that you own including boats, motorcycles, and RV’s. Contact us to find out about Deltona Florida Car Detailing gift certificates and services.

Lamborghini Orlando

lamborghini orlandoLamborghini cars are usually not something that you see each and every day. Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is based in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. Today, the Italian sports car maker is owned by Audi AG, after it’s purchase of the brand in 1998. These cars can go from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in just 3 seconds. Top speeds of Lamborghini Orlando cars are well over 320 kmph.

Each car takes about 130 people to hand craft each detail. The car’s body is made of carbon fiber, with the exception of the steel roof and the doors. Its top seller is the Murcielago, or Murcielago SV.

The founder of the company, Ferruccio Lamborghini, began creating automobiles in 1963 after his Ferrari clutch was broken and needed to be replaced. He had it repaired and upon realizing that it was the same clutch used on tractors that he had fabricated. Lamborghini reached out to Ferrari and desired to find a replacement clutch, however his intelligence was insulted when he was told that he was only a tractor maker and really did not know anything about sports automobiles.

Bulls are prominent in all of Lamborghini’s branding as Ferruccio’s astrological sign was Taurus. Each model is named after fighting bulls, and its logo uses bull symbolism.

There are a few dealers of exotic cars such as Lamborghini Orlando dealers, and a Lamborghini dealer in nearby Palm Beach. These and other exotic cars need to be treated with special care when detailing. Not only are they expensive products, but they are superior automobiles that should be detailed with quality professional auto detailing Orlando products.

Mobile Detailers near Me

Searching for mobile detailers near your location that will come to you and detail your cars, boats and other vehicles? Dragon Detailing are mobile detailers near me, in Orlando Florida that work in the areas of Volusia and Orange Counties.

Detailing exotic cars in Orlando is our specialty at Dragon Detailing. We understand the special care concerns, and use superior products compared to other mobile detailers near me. If you own a vintage, or new exotic car we would love the opportunity to serve you.


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“I have gone through 4 other mobile detailers near me, and none have taken the time to properly clean “I have gone through 4 other mobile detailers near me, and none of the prior companies have took the time and care to properly clean my Aston Martin.”

We offer Gift Certificates and specialized cleaning programs for regularly scheduled car detailing. If you own a vehicle on the Exotic Cars Orlando list below, we'd love to speak with you about our superior car detailing.

  • Lamborghini Orlando
  • Ferrari Orlando
  • Aston Martin
  • Porsche
  • Bentley
  • Audi
  • Rolls Royce
  • Maserati
  • Jaguar
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes
  • BMW

Orlando Florida is home to several exotic car dealers that sell both new and used exotic cars. Lamborghini Orlando / Fields Motocars Orlando is a top seller of exotic cars in the area. At one time there was even an exotic car museum Orlando that was open to the public, however now it is closed. There are several amazing private collections of exotic cars in the area.

Dragon Detailing offers something different from the other mobile detailers Orlando. We are owned and operated by a U.S. Navy veteran. We care about how your vehicle looks and what you think of our work. Contact us to get started!

Mobile Detailing Orlando

detailing orlando flDragon Detailing is the go-to team for the best mobile detailing Orlando has to offer. Areas serviced include Lake Mary, Sanford, and of course Orlando and surrounding areas. Fully self-contained, Dragon Detailing can perform car detailing services virtually anywhere. Though the team specializes in exotic cars, they can make your car look brand new!

Dragon Detailing Trucks: Better Than Your Local Car Wash

What’s better than driving your car through a car wash? Staying in the comfort of your own home while our experienced team makes your vehicle so shiny it’s almost a hazard on the road. The water on Dragon Detailing trucks is filtered down to 1 micron and routed through a portable de-ionizer to ensure the purest, best quality water that is free of any minerals or other contaminates that can affect your vehicle’s appearance.

These systems are normally found in stationary car wash facilities, meaning they are expensive. We know it’s worth it, and once you see your clean vehicle, you will too! One of the many reasons that Dragon Detailing is the best mobile detailing Orlando has to offer!

Touch-Free is the Goal

One goal at Dragon Detailing is to provide touch-free detail service whenever possible. Your vehicle will first be coated with a foaming car wash product that will do the work of dissolving unattractive dirt and grime. A pressure washer is then used at a low setting of 1600 PSI – hard enough to remove bugs and most tar, yet gentle enough to ensure zero surface damage.

One of the reasons that having a team detail your vehicle rather than relying on an automatic car wash is that they will carefully remove any remaining residue after pressure washing. A de-ionized rinse and air dry with a high-powered blower will then remove all moisture from your vehicle’s exterior. The finish is then clean enough for wax or protectant application to go on smoothly with no damage to the paint’s finish.

Make Your Vehicle Look Brand New Today!

To schedule an appointment, please schedule online, call 386-631-7471, or email Make your vehicle look better than new at Dragon Detailing, the best mobile detailing Orlando has to offer!

Mobile Car Detailing Orlando

If you’re looking for the best mobile car detailing Orlando has to offer, seek no further than Dragon Detailing! With our convenient and varying Detail Packages, we can fit most any car detailing budget.

We Know Exotic Cars

Exotic cars are our specialty, meaning we’ve learned a thing or two over the years in how to treat them right. We know that not all painted surfaces are the same, so we take special care to treat your car’s surfaces gently and appropriately. We fully understand that tires, wheels, and calipers require varying and specialized care, meaning we won’t incorrectly treat yours like others. The interior of a car is no place to skimp on proper techniques – we use only the highest quality cleaning and detailing products available that are appropriate for your vehicle’s interior.

You put a substantial investment in when purchasing your exotic car, meaning you’re probably extremely particular – and rightfully so! Any sort of damage can cause a car’s value to depreciate, which is why we have multi-million dollar liability insurance. We are proud to say that we have never had an insurance claim, but rest assured that we will make right the extremely unlikely event of any issues.

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We Detail Other Vehicles as Well!

We don’t limit our talent and services to just cars…we love boats, motorcycles, and RVs too!

Boat detailing typically consists of a thorough wash, application of wax/protectant to the exterior, and the polishing of any metal accessories. The interior areas are cleaned as well, with special attention focused on areas that you specify. Stubborn stains? No problem for us – we can remove most stains above or below the waterline or on the interior.

Whether you believe us or not, motorcycles take as much or more time to detail than most cars due to all the nooks and crannies and the need to polish chrome surfaces. Our most common service covers bug and tar removal, a cleaning wash, then application of wax/protectant products and chrome polishing.

RVs can take a ton of time, but we are always up for the task. We can detail stainless steel, aluminum, painted, gelcoat, and vinyl decorative surfaces. Our most common detail services include bug and tar removal, a thorough cleaning followed by application of wax/protectant products, and detailing the wheels and tires.

Since these types of vehicles are more time-consuming than auto detailing, we cannot publish any standard rates. Please call us for an estimate at 386-631-7471.

At Dragon Detailing, we pride ourselves in being the go-to folks for mobile car detailing Orlando has to offer, so call us today to make your car, boat, and motorcycle look better than you’ve ever seen it!

Car Detailing Orlando

For the best car detailing Orlando has to offer, schedule an appointment with Dragon Detailing today! Specifically servicing Lake Mary, Sanford, Orlando, and the surrounding areas, we can perform our car detailing services virtually anywhere since we are fully self-contained.

Prices & Packages for Just About Every Budget

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Whether you want a Spring cleaning for your vehicle or a full, deep-clean service, Dragon Detailing has a variety of detailing packages to choose from.

For just $75 for the Level 1 Detail Package, you get a complete interior vacuum, bug & tar removal, entire vehicle wash, low pressure exterior rinse, and clean windows dried with touch-free high-powered blower.  For $25 more for the Level 2 Detail Package, you get everything above, plus six-month protection treatment for all leather and fabric services or four weeks exterior protectant/wax, along with scent interior, deionized exterior rinse, and polish chrome.

For an impressively low $150, you can get everything from the Level 2 Detail Package above, plus conditioning of exterior plastics, five month exterior and wheel protection treatment. For the most in-depth detailing job we offer, our Level 4 & Up Detail Package, which included everything in the Level 3 Detail Package plus the removal of all sediment from paint with clay bar treatment, polishing entire vehicle to like new condition, and the choice of 1-5 year exterior protection. Please note: the Level 4 & Up Detail Package takes a full day to complete.

Even More Options!

We can add a la carte detail elements to any of our Detail Packages, including: deep/steam cleaning interior, headlight restoration, re-dying plastic trim, odor removal, etc. Call today for individual prices!

We love our regular clients, which is why we have membership plans for those wanting regular detail services. If your goal is to keep your car in top-notch condition, call us to find out about joining our FREE member family.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the go-to pros of car detailing Orlando has, seek no further than Dragon Detailing. Call 386-631-7471 to schedule your appointment today!