Ceramic Car Coating Longwood – Ford F450

Ceramic Car Coating using Ceramic Pro on a beast of a truck! This F450 is huge!!! We just finished another Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coating on this bad boy. This truck is a 2017 model and although fairly new, we spent 7 hours in paint correction alone and the Ceramic Pro application took 9 hours for a total of 16 hours of effort. As you can tell by the picture, this vehicle looks AMAZING!

The smoothness of the paint, the depth of the color and reflection really make this truck stand out. THIS is how you can make even a factory paint job look like it was custom. THIS is what you get when a Ceramic Pro Ceramic Car Coating is done right. The prep work and paint correction laid the foundation so when Ceramic Pro is properly applied in a climate controlled shop, you get outstanding results.

As you know, black paint is the most difficult to work with and shows the slightest imperfections but there are none here. This is a truck to be proud of. The best part is that with Ceramic Pro it will stay this way with minimal effort and is virtually self-cleaning. No more polishing needed for this truck.

Want you vehicle to look like this? Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation. We have several packages to fit any budget. We also have some killer financing if you want to keep your cash for …maybe that sound system upgrade?

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