Exotic Car Detailing is our specialty. We know the substantial investment you have made in your exotic car selection. We also know that exotic car owners are extremely particular and rightfully so. Any damage, scratch, tear, etc. can greatly diminish the car’s value. Firstly, we carry multi-million dollar liability insurance. In the extremely unlikely event of any issue, you can rest assured we will make it right with absolutely no cost to you. We have never had an insurance claim but that’s what insurance is for. The unpredictable. Be aware that many auto detailers do not carry any such insurance.

Our experience detailing exotic cars has enlightened us to the fact that not all painted surfaces are the same. Some manufacturers apply a very thick layer of clear coat. Others, not so much. Some of the finishes are also made of softer elements and some are very hard. Our experience allows us know what we can and cannot due to a certain vehicle, and what the limits of restorative paint services are for that particular car. We know how to properly care for those carbon fiber surfaces too.

Tires, Wheels, and calipers, oh my! These parts of exotic cars are just as important as the interior and exterior, and require special care. Different wheel finishes require different cleaners to avoid damage. The same with painted or polished calipers. We know the right detailing products to use for every situation. One of our pet peeves is seeing a freshly detailed car with tire shine splattered all over the sides of the car. We take extra care to ensure you never experience that situation.

The interior of an exotic car is also a cornicopia of high tech surfaces including carbon fiber and some of the best leather and alcantara available. This is no place to skimp on proper techiques and detail products. We don’t use any all purpose products. Each surface has different cleaning and protection requirements and we always use what is right. Although nothing is ever exactly perfect, we strive to not leave behind a single speck of dust or lint.

Windows and glass areas are also critical. Not so much in any lack of durability, but in how distracting it is to find smudges and residue left after cleaning. We do our very best to get the glass as absolutely clean as possible.

Before we detail any exotic car we make a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior. We look for anything that may already be damaged, any small defects we need to watch out for, and let you know of any special considerations in what we can or cannot do when detailing your car. There are no surprises. You are fully informed before we begin.

You can rest assured your exotic car will be in the best hands possible. Will we live up to your expectations? No. We will exceed them! Contact us!