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Although Florida does not present the dangers of damage resulting from the use of salt on the roads in the winter like more northern areas, Florida does have its own hazards to be mindful of.

If you live near an ocean, you know that everything outside corrodes faster. That applies to cars too! There are constant “salt fumes” in the air that float around and stick to things, including your car. Salt is caustic to some extent to virtually all materials. That’s why many durability test of things that live outside include saltwater testing!Even if you don’t live on the beach, if you visit the beach, and especially if you drive on the beaches that allow it, you are subjecting your car to these same nasty elements. Tip – Always wash your car, especially the wheel arches and the undersides after a trip to the beach. ASAP. If you live near the beach then you must wash your car more often. Once a week is not too much.

Florida has much more intense sun than areas further north. Sunlight contains UV rays (ultraviolet rays). These are the same ones that politely give you a suntan, or more aggressively give you sunburn. Those UV rays also degrade, fade, and otherwise destroy a lot of the stuff your car is made out of. Paint fades, and in extreme cases the clear coat protecting the paint is damaged to the point it no longer protects the underlying paint and can actually start flaking off. Rubber moldings and plastic trim pieces suffer a similar fate. On the interior, plastics, fabrics, and leather also take a beating. Tip – Regular washing followed by quality waxes or other paint protectants act as the first line of defense. However, they don’t last forever. Be sure your car receives this protection on at least a monthly basis. To protect the interior, consider getting your windows tinted from a quality company. Don’t forget to apply protectants to the headlights too. Most are made of plastic and they could use some help to last longer.

Florida weather is frequently rainy. Not being able to see out of your windshield and other glass is dangerous. Tip – Use a quality windshield treatment product to help bead the water off, even if your wipers are worn out. Of course that leads to the importance of replacing your wiper blades at least once a year. Remember the sun? It degrades the wiper blades too!

No, they don’t really hurt your car unless you hit one. Tip – Be alert for them. They like to lie on their back on the roads waiting for a chance to grab your car when you pass by!

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