Full Car Detail Price

Trying to find a full car detail price from the Orlando car detailing experts at Dragon Detailing. We offer several budget friendly packages, several of which include a full car detail service.

orlando florida car detailingTo begin selecting which package is perfect for you, first think of what areas of your vehicle you would like detailed and thoroughly cleaned. To most, a full car detail service includes exterior wash/wax, thorough interior vacuum cleaning, and the use of protective products that will prevent any damages in the future to the exterior or interior. Full car detailing services typically take a full day of cleaning. We take this into consideration when scheduling Level 4 Full Car Detail services.

The Level 4 Full Car Detail price begins at $350 and includes the following comprehensive car detailing areas:

  • Complete Interior vacuum
  • Clean dash, center console, door cards, under & sides of seats, all plastics, rear cabin, and all windows & glass Exterior
  • Bug & tar removal
  • Wash entire vehicle, wheels, wheel wells, tires, door jambs, windows & mirrors
  • Low pressure exterior rinse
  • Dry with touch-free high powered blower
  • Clean Windows
  • 6 month protection treatment for all leather and fabric surfaces OR 4 week exterior protectant/wax
  • Scent interior
  • De-ionized exterior rinse
  • Polish chrome
  • Condition exterior plastics
  • 5 month exterior protection treatment
  • 5 month wheel protection treatment
  • Clay bar all sediment from paint
  • Polish entire vehicle to like new condition
  • Choice of 1-5 year exterior protection


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