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Car Detailing Apopka

Today was a busy but good day. We detailed a Range Rover HSE, a Range Rover Sport, a Porsche 911, and a Ski Nautique boat. Fortunately all of these were at the same place for the same gentleman. Discounted prices applied here as well for multiple vehicles.

Most households have at least 2 cars. It only takes a little planning ahead to coordinate having them washed and detailed at the same time, saving you money. If you only have one vehicle, the key to discounted pricing is to become one of our regular members. It costs nothing to join. All you have to do is commit to getting your car detailed on an every 2 week basis. As long as you stay on that schedule the discount applies. We do allow for an occasional circumstance to come up where you may have to swap a day here and there.

Many of our customers take advantage of this program and it is definitely worth it. Here are some of the benefits:
* Savings up to 35%
* Your car’s value will be maintained, providing you with the best trade-in value
* You get that new car feeling over and over. Who doesn’t love getting into a
clean car all the time?
* You get preferential treatment. In the event of a scheduling conflict you
always get your car detailed.

We can set you up on an automated recurring schedule for a certain day/time of the week at various intervals. You can also call us to set your date/time if you prefer.

In other news, I am proud to announce that Candace and I will be getting married tomorrow! Existing customers will have seen her as she is my fiance and work partner. She specializes on the interiors while I focus on the exteriors. Now we have 2 perfect unions!

Thanks again to all of you for your business! Dragon Detailing is a top rated car detailing Apopka company.

Brandon Symonds

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