Latest Car Detailings 4/2/18

Car Detailing Deland

For our first car today we detailed a Toyota Tundra in Deland. I really like these Toyota trucks. Nice weather to start with but seemed to be getting cloudier. Everything came out great as usual. The owner was very happy with the work.

Car Detailing Winter Springs

The second car detailing for today was in Winter Springs. A big, ole Ford Expedition, maxed out with leather and all the options. These bigger vehicles take quite a bit longer to detail all around, interior and exterior due to the size. Truck looks fantastic now. Weather starting to cloud up. Nothing like some rain to rain on your detailing parade.

This same owner had a Tesla we detailed too. Nice to save some driving time and hassle in traffic. We do offer multi-car discounts and you, like this owner can take advantage of them. All you have to do is ask.

Boat Detailing Debary

Well, the weather held out. No rain. Our last job for the day was detailing a boat. There were a lot of stains above and below the waterline that took quite some time to remove. Had to find just the right product to make it happen. The previous owner thought painting over the license letters on the rear areas of the boat was a good idea. Unfortunately, that could not be brought into tip top condition. Other than that area the owner was very pleased. All the interior including all railings and stainless steel looked like new. The exterior did too with that one exception. Boat detailing is tough. Even when cleaning the inside there is no shade and they have a lot of surface area. Working around the trailer frame is also quite a bit or work.

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