Latest Car Detailings 4/3/18

Car Detailing Longwood

We detailed a Ford F150 Platinum edition. Very nice truck. Although I really prefer Exotic cars (who doesn’t) these nicely done up trucks are growing on me.

Another pair of cars in Longwood. These belong to another one of our members getting a discounted rate for multiple cars. He has a BMW 650 Grand Coupe and a Dodge Ram 2500. You can definitely see the difference in cars that are detailed regularly. The really do just look better all the time. It also helps when it comes time to do that trade in.

Car Detailing Casselberry

This Dodge Durango belongs to another member. He does not have multiple cars but still gets a discount for keeping a regular schedule.

Car Detailing Heathrow

This car was a bit different. Not the fact it was an E-class Mercedes Benz, but because it had a matte finish. These require extra care and attention as those finishes are really soft. Lots of TLC needed here.

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