Mobile Car Detailing Orlando

If you’re looking for the best mobile car detailing Orlando has to offer, seek no further than Dragon Detailing! With our convenient and varying Detail Packages, we can fit most any car detailing budget.

We Know Exotic Cars

Exotic cars are our specialty, meaning we’ve learned a thing or two over the years in how to treat them right. We know that not all painted surfaces are the same, so we take special care to treat your car’s surfaces gently and appropriately. We fully understand that tires, wheels, and calipers require varying and specialized care, meaning we won’t incorrectly treat yours like others. The interior of a car is no place to skimp on proper techniques – we use only the highest quality cleaning and detailing products available that are appropriate for your vehicle’s interior.

You put a substantial investment in when purchasing your exotic car, meaning you’re probably extremely particular – and rightfully so! Any sort of damage can cause a car’s value to depreciate, which is why we have multi-million dollar liability insurance. We are proud to say that we have never had an insurance claim, but rest assured that we will make right the extremely unlikely event of any issues.

mobile car detailing orlando

We Detail Other Vehicles as Well!

We don’t limit our talent and services to just cars…we love boats, motorcycles, and RVs too!

Boat detailing typically consists of a thorough wash, application of wax/protectant to the exterior, and the polishing of any metal accessories. The interior areas are cleaned as well, with special attention focused on areas that you specify. Stubborn stains? No problem for us – we can remove most stains above or below the waterline or on the interior.

Whether you believe us or not, motorcycles take as much or more time to detail than most cars due to all the nooks and crannies and the need to polish chrome surfaces. Our most common service covers bug and tar removal, a cleaning wash, then application of wax/protectant products and chrome polishing.

RVs can take a ton of time, but we are always up for the task. We can detail stainless steel, aluminum, painted, gelcoat, and vinyl decorative surfaces. Our most common detail services include bug and tar removal, a thorough cleaning followed by application of wax/protectant products, and detailing the wheels and tires.

Since these types of vehicles are more time-consuming than auto detailing, we cannot publish any standard rates. Please call us for an estimate at 386-631-7471.

At Dragon Detailing, we pride ourselves in being the go-to folks for mobile car detailing Orlando has to offer, so call us today to make your car, boat, and motorcycle look better than you’ve ever seen it!

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