Orlando Detailing

orlando detailingLet us restore your car’s brilliant shine. At Dragon Detailing, car cleaning and restoring vehicles back to their original shine and cleanliness is our passion. We are not just an ordinary Orlando detailing mobile spa company. Our team uses premium products and our customer service is something that sets us apart from other, average car detailing Orlando companies that may be hiring individuals that are not experienced in assisting discerning clients.

Our specialty is exotics, vintage cars, boats/yachts and catamarans. However, our experienced staff can detail virtually any vehicle that you own including large tour buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and jet skis.

If you own a fleet of vehicles or are a manager of a car dealership, we can speak with you about special needs and on-going packages that you can be a part of. We offer Gift Certificates as well, and these make fantastic Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gift for any mom or dad that has exquisite taste in cars and cleanliness.

To make an appointment, it’s very easy. Just give us a call at 386-631-7471 and we’ll set up a time to come to your location. Our mobile Orlando detailing trucks will come to you at the appointment time designated and carry out the full package service that you choose. If our Orlando Detailing packages do not fit your needs, then be sure to let us know when you are making the appointment. We offer several customizations and are always eager to please our clients if you have a special request or concern.

Our trucks are equipped with premium products and state of the art equipment that you’d normally find in a stationary car wash facility. Using expensive, premium equipment that other mobile car wash services do not have helps us to ensure that we efficiently and thoroughly provide you with the best Orlando detailing service. Our clients know and understand the difference. We ensure that the water that we use is filtered down to 1 micron. It is engineered to rout through a portable Deionizer system, thus giving us the highest quality, best water for your service. Our water is free of minerals and other contaminates that you’ll find in water that has not been properly filtered.

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